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Grant Scheme

***Coronavirus update - At the Annual Meeting of the Town Council held on Tuesday May 12th 2020, The Council agreed to earmark all of the Grant Scheme monies in 20/21 to support organisations that, directly or indirectly, support those of the Council’s tenants dependent upon income from visitor footfall. Other organisations are encouraged to still return applications, however funding will be prioritised as detailed.*** 

Each year Woodbridge Town Council awards grants of money to charities and voluntary organisations that contribute to the well-being of the Woodbridge Community or promote the image of the town.

Funds available are limited.   Therefore, however well deserving, County and National charities and organisations are unlikely to receive grants unless they can demonstrate that any funds granted would directly benefit Woodbridge and its citizens.

Grants are awarded by the Town Council at its July meeting. 

The closing date for 2020 applications is 30th June. 

Applications Forms and details of Criteria can be found by clicking on the below documents;