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Town Mayor

Councillor Patrick Gillard. 


19 DSC 3265At the Annual Meeting of the Town Council held on Tuesday 17th May 2022, Councillor Patrick Gillard was elected Mayor of Woodbridge for the Civic Year 2022/23.

New mayor of Woodbridge, Councillor Patrick Gillard, elected on Tuesday 17th May, is “overjoyed to be leading our wonderful council and very happy to be the face of one of Britain’s best towns”. With its historic riverside, thriving centre and links with the Sutton Hoo ship burial, Woodbridge often comes in the ‘Top ten best places to live’.

Patrick (who is married to long-time Woodbridge County Councillor Caroline Page) says: “Woodbridge has so many things that make it wonderful: Our riverside setting, our medieval centre, and our thriving Thoroughfare - but I have to say top of my list are the people of Woodbridge. They really care, and in my book ‘People make a Place’. When the pandemic hit, the whole town pulled together. We set up our Emergency Response Group, and over 300 volunteers from all ages and backgrounds, set aside all differences and stepped forward to deliver prescriptions, deliver food, make PPE and basically look after our most vulnerable. That’s what Woodbridge is like. I couldn’t be more proud.

Patrick’s priorities are to build on the great work that the council has initiated over the last three years : safer roads, protecting historic buildings and making sure that everyone in the town realises the facilities are here for them. “It was during lockdown that people fully realised how much they valued our parks and outdoor areas. It’s so good for our mental and physical health to be able to meet friends in a beautiful outdoor place. I want to encourage even more of that.”

But before all that, Patrick has a very important and pleasant duty. On Friday June 3rd he will open the ‘Woodbridge Jubilation’ Jubilee celebrations in Kingston Field. “It starts at 12 noon, Friday 3rd June and runs all afternoon. It’s going to be great! Come along and enjoy it!”

 You can contact Patrick via email on councillorgillard@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk

The Deputy Mayor for the Civic Year 2021/22 is Councillor Martin Wilks. 

The Mayoral Process

If you wish to invite the Town Mayor to attend an event it is important that you contact the Shire Hall as early as possible to check Mayor's availability.   A minimum of two weeks notice is required, but preferably more.  

Please email Lorienn Graves - secretary@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk, with Mayoral invites. 

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