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Climate Emergency Committee

8 January 2020

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Thank you to everyone who attended our Climate Emergency committee meeting yesterday evening (Tuesday 7th January). 

Further to the discussion at the meeting please see below links to pertinent documents and websites as well as photos taken by Councillor Wilks and a full transcript of the opening reading from Eva Garayalde.  

Presentation from Prof. Hobson

Climate Emergency action plan

20mph zone map

Suffolk bird group website

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If you wish to contact the Chairman, Councillor Eamonn O'Nolan, please click here


IMAGINE 2040 – Climate Emergency Meeting of Woodbridge Town Council 7th January 2020
By Eva Garayalde, age 13

Last Friday I was striking for the climate outside this town hall. Councillor Sutton asked us what we wanted the Town Council to do about the Climate Crisis. I want you to imagine Woodbridge in 2040 - I’ll be 33 then. This is how I would like it to be, taking into account the crisis in climate and nature.

With massive carbon emission reductions around the world, so far we have had just one meter of sea level rise. This has drastically changed how we see the river. The land around it had to be completely rewilded and left to marshland. The beaver reintroduction project upriver was successful and they are helping to reduce flooding. The boatbuilders had to relocate but they are very popular now. Sail has become vital for carrying cargo and people have taken to boats in a big way. The old boat building skills are being shared and taught and I built my own boat.

Private cars and car parks are long gone. With them the fumes and noise have disappeared. People share a small number of electric minibuses. The train is great and it is fully electric now although we had to move the tracks away from the river. We also have an electric bike sharing scheme and I like to cycle.

We rewilded the parks and many residential areas. Woodbridge now has thousands more trees. We grow food wherever we can and share town allotments. It is wonderful to be able to climb lots of trees again. The town is more green than grey now and without the cars wildlife is everywhere.

People stopped commuting to London when it flooded. Everyone works in the community now. I play and teach music. We built a music centre and share it with theatre and dance groups. All ages mix together as equals. I love my job!

The tide mill had to be adapted when the water level rose but we managed to save it by planning ahead. It now mills flour for the whole town and we have a great community bakery where my friend works. They have a really nice cafe there, where I play music during lunchtimes.

We had a big struggle to help the insects survive with the rise in temperature. However, we managed to save them through extensive rewilding projects. The planting of bee friendly plants throughout the town in the early 2020’s was a great start. I can’t believe you used to use insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and petrol guzzling leafblowers, strimmers and lawnmowers. We can’t survive without insects for pollination and you very nearly killed them all off. The scientists told you not to do it for years but you ignored them.

This is just some of what I imagine today and obviously it raises more questions than it answers. I know there is no future if we carry on as we are now. I think young people should have a far bigger say in shaping their own lives. Thank you for asking what we wanted. I hope you’ll ask lots more young people in Woodbridge then take action before it is too late.