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Help make Whisstocks Place the Place to Linger

25 July 2019

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Woodbridge Town Council would like to make Whisstocks Place somewhere that becomes a destination for residents and visitors alike.

A place where you can enjoy the cultural heritage of Woodbridge at the Tide Mill, Woodbridge Museum and Woodbridge Riverside Trust. Where you can enjoy displays in the Woodbridge Art Club and where you can enjoy a coffee.

We would like to soften Whisstocks Place with a small amount of planting and seating. There are some restrictions to doing this: we need to have vehicular access to and from the Place, sometimes with large lorries. We need to have access for boats to get to the slipway and emergency vehicles onto the Place. It also needs to be a space that is open to having events on it.

Woodbridge Town Council is looking at ideas to be able to soften the look of Whisstocks Place while ensuring it is a useable space for all. If you have any ideas, please do contact the Town Clerk at townclerk@woodbridge-suffolk.gov.uk