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Woodbridge Area Level Crossing Closures 2022/2023

2 September 2022

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Advance Warning from Network Rail, Anglia Route

We’re planning to replace track in the Woodbridge area between December 2022 and May 2023. We’ll be working from near Bealings level crossing (approx. postcode IP13 6LT) to Sun Wharf level crossing (approx. postcode IP12 1AZ). Because this work will at times be disruptive,

Extent of the work 

The below graphic shows the days on which we’ll be working and the impact it will have on level crossings in Woodbridge. It is also worth noting that Bealings level crossing will be closed during much of the work. 

No trains will run while we’re working on site. We recognise this will mean there are several weekends on which the railway will but shut. We are really sorry for any adverse impact this has on journeys. 

Railway closure map

Why we’re doing this work 

Much of the track that runs through the Woodbridge area is very old. Some of it was laid almost 100 years ago.  

To continue safely running trains along the line, this track needs to be replaced. It’s worth noting that the current jointed track will be replaced with continuously welded rail. This will reduce the noise produced by trains moving over it.  

Additionally, the vehicle level crossings in the area are old and uneven. This should make them easier to use by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. 


To carry out this work safely, we’ll need to close some level crossings at different times. This is because we’ll need to take up the existing crossing boards so we can install the new track. There will also be times when the crossings are obstructed by engineering trains which are around 250m long. We’ll be using these to transport materials and equipment for the work.  

During much of our core work, it won’t be possible for us to allow any access over the level crossings. But there will be times when we may be able to move machinery to allow pedestrians to cross.  

During the work we’ll need to use a variety of heavy machinery. Some disturbance will, regrettably, be unavoidable because of this. Every effort will be made to minimise any unnecessary noise, and those working on site will be briefed on working responsibly in the local community. 

Next steps 

We’ve written to residents in the area and who live near the affected level crossings with these dates and to let them know of our plans (see attached letter). Members of our project team will shortly be engaging directly with the residents and businesses who’ll be affected by the crossing closures. We’d like to understand more about what the impacts will be and how these can be mitigated.  

 Railway closure letter